Hey Loves! Hope all is well, I truly apologize for my lack in posting. But, I promise it’s for good reason. For weeks now I have been working literally day and night on (nonstop) ideas for the revamp of Certified Validation, which is now known as “The Valid”. When I first began blogging back in March […]


I’m such a jewelry wearing kind of girl. And, I totally stand by the statement of wearing the perfect essential piece of jewelry to literally set off your look! Check out some of these trendy wind-ranging mixes of jewelry that I have been eulogizing about. All of which styles are being showcased at Spring’s 2015 […]


Jean Paul Gaultier confesses that his inspiration for this collection was from dreams he had of “ghosts and vampires,”. In this collection he describes as “blood red, virginal white, black Sabbath, the silver of a knife, and the gold of religion.” WHAT!? I love this collection! It’s dark, it’s filled with different textures and different […]