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Hey loves! Christmas is literally around the corner and if you are like me (a last minute shopper) then this post is specifically for you!

I figured I create a #GiftGuide of items that not only I love but others would enjoy too!

This year I’m thinking of doing a gift bag thing, instead of just one gift! Just a bag full of goodies! And, of course these items are for us ladies!

1. Magazine Subscription
Every girl enjoys reading their favorite fashion magazine that will keep them up on the latest. And, what better way then to subscribe to any magazine of your choice. Vogue specifically is only $6
2. Glam Glow Super Mud (Sephora)
This product is amazing and simply the best gift ever! This mud mask is a treatment to target, prevent and heal problem skin.
3. Beyonce 7/11 Sweater
Everyone loves Yonce! Get the “All I really want is you” sweater that Beyonce rocks in her 7/11 video.
4. Sonia Kashuk® Holiday Brush Set
This over the top glamorous brush set makes the perfect gift for any fashionista.
5. Sex in the City DVD Set
I mean no one compares to Carrie,Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. They were everything and still are so this gift is perfect.
7. Gold Gilded Portable Charger
And for a little gadget fun! This Gold all series iphone charger is bomb and stylish.



Alexander Wang reveals his latest enterprise, Denim x Alexander Wang.

The designer expresses how he wears jeans everyday and how the three styles are inspired by the “genuine, men’s article”.

The jeans are labeled as Wang 001, Wang 002, and Wang 003 which range from slim leg with minimal stretch to a relaxed cut more “boy” fitting that’s due to a tapered ankle.

German fashion model, Anna Ewers is the face of whats been described as the “provocative”,”too sexy”, controversial ad.













Hey loves! So……I have to admit I’ve been lacking a bit of inspiration lately alongside with being busy from school and life. But, I found a little over this 4 day weekend (because of Thanksgiving) to create a set on sweater dresses!

Sweater dresses to me are the most easiest chicest way to not only stay warm during this winter but, to also look sexy, fly and very appropriate for pretty much any setting.

image image-3image-2

You can look fashionable while keeping warm in a cute, stylish sweater dress! And, you can simply add to your look while keeping warm in mind with a coat,jacket or even a cape that can easily pull the look together. You can totally let your shoe choice be based on how you feel that day. The choice to spice your look UP or down is totally up to you!


Besides the fact that I’m a little obsessed. I couldn’t help but get all warm and fuzzy inside after seeing pictures of 1-year-old North West looking fabulously chic and stylish with her slick back ponytail,her fur coat, black tights and Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats (retail for $495) along side her Mommy.

Mommy Kim K wore a elegant grey cashmere coat, with light blue jeans and loose fitting grey T-shirt, and tan suede pumps.

The two were photoed as they were making their way to a Mommy and Daughter Spa Day.

And, Let’s not forget when Aila Wang stole our hearts in the similar look, these baby girls are so adorable.





*Photocred: KRLA/Broadimage


Happy Thanksgiving my Loves! I woke up this morning grateful and started to just reminisce on all that has happen to me this year thus far and I am blessed to say that I am thankful for my health and all that I have been through.

Over the course of this year I have been tussling with my spiritual relationship and though I’m not the perfect “Christian” I one day long to be and, I ultimately have a stronger relationship with HIM. I am forever grateful because though I always knew him, I now truly “KNOW” & “FEEL” him in everything that I do.

He shows me daily that I’m not alone and that he’s truly with me every step of the way.

I’m also thankful for my mindset, man how it’s changing! The things I use to trip about I don’t anymore, I just put it in Gods hands and that relief alone is imaginable. I’m also thankful for wisdom amongst other things and I’m forever thankful for my Blog. Even though I’ve only been blogging since March, the amount of love I get from all of you guys means so much. And, to think that I would have never done anything like this it’s been such a blessing to me. I’m also so very thankful for my family & my friendships.

I’m blessed.



IMG_6376.PNG What a day, What a day! Literally. Did any of you guys partake in the Alexander Wang X H&M mayhem this morning? And, mayhem it was. I mean people were just showing off! Besides the fact that I couldn’t sleep the night before, this morning I made sure I got my extra dose of expresso just so that I could be up and very alert. As usual when designers release [affordable] collections I think we all can agree the ‘hypebeasts’ come out to play; and they were out honey!

I mean thank goodness I didn’t have a 10:00 class this morning b/c between that website continuously crashing and me refreshing the page which had to be a thousand times literally in-between checking out and my NERVES, I was cussing everything and everyone out, my head is still throbbing lol. (Forgive me Lord)

But it was all in fun. (Now, for my tea, Scandal and SLEEP!)

Goodnight guys


“Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” -Anna Wintour

Her bob, her shades, and her infamous “bitch please” face. Today we celebrate the legendary Anna Wintour. She is an inspiration to everyone in fashion, so whether you’re literally horrid of her, aspire to be her, influenced by her or all of the above dolls. Happy birthday to the iconic Vogue editor. ‘SHE’ turns 65 today!



“You either know fashion or you don’t.” -Anna Wintour

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