IMG_6376.PNG What a day, What a day! Literally. Did any of you guys partake in the Alexander Wang X H&M mayhem this morning? And, mayhem it was. I mean people were just showing off! Besides the fact that I couldn’t sleep the night before, this morning I made sure I got my extra dose of expresso just so that I could be up and very alert. As usual when designers release [affordable] collections I think we all can agree the ‘hypebeasts’ come out to play; and they were out honey!

I mean thank goodness I didn’t have a 10:00 class this morning b/c between that website continuously crashing and me refreshing the page which had to be a thousand times literally in-between checking out and my NERVES, I was cussing everything and everyone out, my head is still throbbing lol. (Forgive me Lord)

But it was all in fun. (Now, for my tea, Scandal and SLEEP!)

Goodnight guys

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