Wow! Okay, so I think it’s safe to say that my blog has truly become a extension of me. I have so many ideas and ways I want to expand and i’m so pleased that you guys; all 300 of you have decided to come along for the ride! Thank you all so very much! To the top from here right? I have so many ideas and the REVAMP is on it’s way! There is a lot in store! Thank you, Thank you and Thank You Again!

to end all parties

6 thoughts on “300 FOLLOWERS!

      • I paid $99 at the beginning of the year for the customizable site through WordPress. Under my toolbar, there is a Widget column and it gives me a list to add (like Instagram, Twitter, Followers, etc.) Most of my customization I find through Twitter. I follow BlogTrends and they do articles pretty frequently that give me insight into what other bloggers are doing. I’m @StephanieEmory on Twitter and @sbemory on instagram. Find me and I’ll follow you back on both! I’ve only been blogging since September 1!

      • Really? Okay cool, that sounds about right. And awesome, your blog looks great for just 1 month of blogging! Keep it up! I’m following you so don’t be a stranger, keep in touch.

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