Mac Rihanna Viva Glam 2

Hey loves! I missed you guys so much. I totally apologize for my lack of posting; with school and life I just haven’t been feeling all that up to blogging lately but, I think I’m back! Anyway, I’m back with a review! I know, very different for me but, I thought why not.

I love me some Riri and even though I’m not a makeup guru I like to indulge in the “must haves” and to me Viva Glam 2 was definitely a “must have”!

Viva Glam Rihanna II is a cool mauve with red frost and I absolutely LOVE IT! Its perfect for fall! I honestly was a little skeptical in the beginning to how it would look on my chocolate skin tone but, I love it! It gives off this brownish silverish look that I love!
I like that its subtle but, still gives you that little “umpf” you need. (maybe i’ll link some pics of me wearing it)

The collection released online September 8th and in-stores September 11th.

What do you guys think? Valid or No? Let me know!

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